Clay Shooting Range

Our clay pigeon shooting range is open 7 days a week all year round. If you are a shotgun license holder you can turn up during our opening hours with no pre-booking requirement.

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English Sporting

12 Covered stands

Our 12 Stand Undercover Sporting layout is the perfect set up for all weather shooting. No need to worry about the rain because we have you covered! Giving a wide variety of simple and more complex targets, this discipline challenges your skill with incomers, outgoers, high birds, rabbits, crossers & more. We alter these targets every 4 weeks, which will keep you on your toes!

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DTL, ABT, & Skeet

acoustic release

Enjoy shooting on our ABT, DTL & SKEET Layouts, with one of the finest view’s looking over 100 acres of Beautiful Warwickshire Countryside. Using our Promatic systems our ABT layout provides a solo and multiple shooters station with sequence and voice activation. Our DTL Layout provides a sequence to follow for solo or multiple shooters. Our Skeet layouts can be activated using wireless or wired controllers, operating a solo delay. Our layouts are set upon concrete walkways, allowing access to all, with allocated positions for shooters to follow. Olympic Skeet can also be set up by prior arrangement.




Fancy a challenge? Our Spacious Undercover Compak layout accommodates for our more challenging targets. Follow the sequence with up to 5 other shooters or practice the individual targets yourself. The Compak throws a variety of targets such as big crossers, loopers, rabbits, fast going away & incoming target. We also feature the deceptive Battue target – which may be slightly harder than you think! This layout is altered weekly to keep you on your tiptoes!!

Located in the 🤍 of the Midlands

“The friendly shooting club”

About Us

We provide all safety equipment, competition-grade ammunition, guns, and targets. Ranging from easy to traditional sporting disciplines to suit both newcomers and competent shooters. Suiting all levels of ability.

Our Shooting Ground is one of the few shooting grounds in the UK that can cater for disabled shooters. Our facilities are constantly improving following the success of our application for Inspired Facilities Lottery Funding. We are one of only a handful of shooting grounds in the UK with wheelchair access.

Our Mission Statement

“To make target shooting and rural sports achievable and enjoyable for all”

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We and our members are very proud of what we have achieved over the last 50+ years. With an investment of over 1 million pounds our ground has changed unrecognisably.



You may have seen the Sport England Logo around our shooting facilities. We proudly display this showing that our shooting ground is now partially funded by the Inspired Facilities Lottery Fund. This has made us one of the few shooting grounds in the UK with disabled and wheelchair access.

covered air gun range


Membership is £50 per year with a £50 initial joining fee pro-rata January-January. As a member, you will be entitled to discounted clays, discounted tuition, unlimited access to our covered archery & air gun range, FREE function room hire, and will have exclusive accessto member-only deals.



Whenever you shoot on our ground, your cartridges MUST be fiber wad and a maximum of 28g. If you don't have any fibre wad cartridges we do sell them on-site from the office, located in the shooting lodge. Cartridges can be brought with a valid shotgun license, and we currently stock ELEY.

Non-Members Clay Prices

  • 25 Clays - £9.25
  • 50 Clays - £18.50
  • 75 Clays - £27.75
  • 100 Clays - £36
  • 250 Clays - £90
  • 500 Clays - £176
  • 1000 Clays - £340

Club Members Clay Prices

  • 25 Clays - £7.50
  • 50 Clays - £15
  • 75 Clays - £22.50
  • 100 Clays - £28
  • 250 Clays - £70
  • 500 Clays - £134
  • 1000 Clays - £255

Open 7 Days A Week

All year round!

Cartridge Prices

cartridge price list

*Subject to change at ANY point*

Air Gun Range

For .177 & .22

Any new equipment used on the range is subject to chronographing by a trained instructor. This is to ensure your air rifle is below the legal limit of 12ft/lbs and suitable for use on our all-weather range. Air Pistols must be below 6ft/lbs.

Our sheltered 35 meter air gun range is perfect for those who have their own equipment. Open 7 days a week during our opening hours, with late night shooting every Wednesday 14:30pm - 20:30pm.

Beginners & Experienced shooters

Our all-weather air gun range is suitable for complete beginners with tuition, and for those who are more experienced with their own equipment.

For Archery the restrictions are as follows: Crossbow limit a maximum of 30lbs, and Longbows have a limit of 30lbs pull

All-Weather 35 Meter Range

Air Gun Range Prices


Non-members of the ground can use the range for a small fee of £10 per person per session. If for example two people are sharing the same gun to shoot with, BOTH shooters must pay the fee. You can sign in to use the air gun range at the office, located within the clubhouse. 

covered air gun shooting


Members of the ground can take full advantage of their membership by using the range free of charge. You must sign in at the office when you are about to use the range, and sign out before you leave the ground. Members’ guns are also subject to chronographing before use.

covered air gun range


You are more than welcome to utilise the targets we have on the range which are set up for our beginner sessions. We have everything ranging from spinners, droppers, knock-downs and accuracy testing targets. For those who are looking for some entertainment why not try our bell targets, and see if you can ring one.

covered air gun range


.177 and .22 pellets can be purchased from the office from £9.99. We always have good stock of these pellets as we use them for our beginner shooting sessions.

covered air gun range


Membership is £50 per year with a £50 initial joining fee pro-rata January-January. As a member, you will be entitled to unlimited use of the range during our opening hours 7 days a week, and will have exclusive access to member-only deals.